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Lumify C5-2

Curved Array Transducer

989605450382 /795005FUS6881

Lumify C5-2

Curved Array Transducer

989605450382 /795005FUS6881

Incredible Image Quality: Lumify facilitates clear visualization in technically difficult patients
Technology without compromise: Lumify's performance readiness can help in urgent situations
Proven Innovation: Technology and portability extends the reach of ultrasound to impact patients
Detachable cable versatility: Less downtime for clinicians and future-proof for newer devices
Lightweight: At less than 136g, battery-free transducers allow for rapid response and assessment

The Lumify C5-2 curved array transducer provides high resolution imaging for deeper applications: abdominal, gall bladder, Ob/Gyn and lung imaging preset optimizations. With a battery-free transducer for lightweight control, a quick-connect platform for professional collaboration, and convenient connectivity for data sharing, Lumify brings you countless real-world applications, in real time. Included: carry bag, USB-C and Micro-B cables.

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Continuous Scanning:

Lumify is ready when you are.

With 2-5 hours of continuous scanning capabilities, it offers ongoing clarity in the most urgent situations.

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Future-proof Cable:

Built for versatility.

Lumify features a detachable cable that offers the flexibility to replace damaged cables, and keep up with ever-evolving digital devices.

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Lightweight Portability:

Ergonomic transducers.

Weighing less than 136 grams, Lumify’s battery-free transducers give you lightweight control for ease-of-use and the ultimate advantage in portability.

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Effortless Updates:

Innovation happens every day.

With ongoing app updates, we’ll keep you up-to-date by putting all our latest features at your fingertips.

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Convenient Connectivity:

Share insights at the speed of need.

Lumify gives you the power to quickly send and share images, notes, and diagnostic data.* Data is delivered via email, DICOM to PACS, a shared network, or a local directory. *User is responsible for complying with patient data privacy regulations.

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Integrated tele-ultrasound:

Real-time collaboration.

Philips Lumify with Reacts offers a quick-connect platform to help you collaborate with other healthcare professionals using real-time 2-way video and audio calls and live ultrasound streaming.

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Accessible Pricing:

No hidden fees.

Lumify is an ultrasound that offers straight-forward pricing for maximum accessibility, with no hidden fees. Because Lumify works on your existing compatible smart devices, there’s no additional cost built-in for a monitor.

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Ongoing Support:

Global service.

As with all Philips products, Lumify comes with continuous support and global service to help keep you up and running. We’ve also created a Lumify FAQ page to offer answers to common questions.

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Field of view
Abdomen, Gallbladder, Lung, OB/GYN
5-2 MHz
50 mm (ROC)
Scan depth
Up to 30 cm
Imaging features
2D, color Doppler, M-mode, advanced XRES and multivariate harmonic imaging, SonoCT



In Singapore, irradiating (ionising and non-ionising) apparatus (eg. X-rays, lasers, ultrasound) are licensed by the Radiation Protection & Nuclear Science Department (RPNSD) of the National Environment Agency (NEA) under the Radiation Protection Act.

Buyer is responsible to be aware of this existing dealer/user licensing requirement under the RPNSD (NEA), and their responsibility to comply with existing regulatory requirements for any business activities. Under the act, any person who contravenes the act shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $100,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years or to both.